Keynote Speakers       

  Mr. Raoul Chiesa
  • Information Security Expert
  • Founder, Partner, The Security Brokers
  • Principal, Cyberdefcon Ltd., UK
  • Title:
    Digital Forensics: experiences from the Past, issues from the Present and challenges from the Future
    During this Key Note Raoul Chiesa, an internationally recognized information security guru and expert, will brief the audience of ICDFI on the field of Digital Forensics. The old roots of this science, along with its pros and cons, will be analyzed; then the speaker will evaluate today's issues and problems when dealing with Host, Network, Mobile and GPS IT forensics, commenting some of the most weird case studies and investigations he encountered in. In the last part of this excellent, innovative and brand new Key Note, Mr. Chiesa will highlight those challenges related to the future of Digital Forensics.


    Dr Fred Cohen

  • President, California Sciences Institue and
  • CEO, Fred Cohen & Associates
  • USA
  • Title:
    The Future of Automated Analysis (Tools and Methods) for Digital Forensics
    Digital evidence is increasingly coming in far larger volume, from far more diverse sources, and with less of the traditional chain of custody and assurance. The digital future thus holds great danger, but also great opportunity. This talk will focus on the unprecedented opportunity for revealing the truth through automated analysis of digital records using the emerging physics of digital information. It will walk through case studies and examples revealing how underlying patterns of physics lead to detection of false and misleading statements and records, how forgeries get defeated, and how the truth may ultimately be revealed. We hope to show that computational leverage will ultimately favor the detective, making the job of the criminal nearly impossible. But we will see.


    Dr Michael Kwan

  • Superintendent, Hong Kong Customs & Excise Department, Hong Kong
  • And Vice President, Information Security & Forensics Society
  • Hong Kong
  • Title:
    Is Digital Forensic a Science?
    Following the development of digital forensic techniques, using digital forensic analyses in resolving legal disputes concerning digital evidence is on the rise. Today, digital forensic is gradually becoming one of the disciplines in modern forensics circle. Despite the outcry that digital forensic should be a scientific science, the views that the expert conclusions of digital forensic analyses are subjective and non-scientific are also escalating. As forensic findings are to express forensics practitioners¨ degree of beliefs based on scientific methods, it is the aim of this talk to review whether today¨s digital forensic approaches are scientific and objective.