List of Accepted Papers       

  • Voice over IP and Forensics: A review of recent australian work
      Jill Slay, Matthew Simon, David Irwin
  • Extracting text from windows XP memory image
      Chen Long, Kang Lei, Dong Zhenxing
  • Forensic analysis of web browser with dual layout engine
      Linda Zhong
  • Temporal analysis of HFS+ and Mac OS X in digital investigations
      M.M. Wang, K.P. Chow
  • An electronic judicial identification model based on evidence chain
      MA Guo-fu, Wang Zi-xian, Wang Kui-peng
  • A measurement study for understanding wireless forensic monitoring
      Yongjie Cai. Ping Ji
  • Quantitative plausibility of the Trojan Horse Defence against possession of child pornography
      RE Overill, JAM Silomon, KP Chow, YW Law
  • From TCT to the adaptability of computer forensic tools
      Haohao Zhai, Wenchang Shi, Bin Liang, Liang Wan
  • Enhanced monitoring rule through direct node query for Foxy network investigation
      Ricci S.C. Ieong, K.P. Chow
  • Geo-Location forensics on mobile devices
      Yi Sun
  • The development of computer forensic legal system in Mainland China
      Yonghao Mai, K.P. Chow, Rongsheng Xu, Bo Long, Zhou Gang
  • Digital forensic on MTK-based Shanzhai mobile phone with NAND
      Mengfei He, Junbin Fang, Zoe L. Jiang, S.M. Yiu, K.P. Chow, Xiamu Niu

List of Oral Presentation Papers       

  • The application of data mining in phone forensics based on cloud
      Weibin Tang, Huiji Zhang
  • Effect of electronic evidence captured by honeypots
      Yi Wang
  • Proxy signature scheme based on McEliece public key cryptosystem
      Zhao Cheng-cheng, Yang Ya-tao, Li Zi-chen
  • Research on Digital Forensics Based on Private Cloud Computing
      Zeng Gang
  • Thoughts and Countermeasures to the Security Issues Caused by Things of Internet
      Lu Baohua
  • The security system of obtaining evidence and analyzing SaaS cloud and the research on key technology
      He Yue, Chen Ming, Zhao Xianwei